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Whether you’re suffering from muscle soreness, fatigue or a general lack of energy, Arlington massage therapy provided at Arlington massage therapy may be just the tool you need to alleviate that suffering. Massage is one of the many services we offer at Jacobs Chiropractic in Arlington. Our chiropractor Dr. Wendy Jacobs has extensive experience with various holistic treatment methods that can help you feel better and improve your overall wellness. Dr. Jacobs has worked particularly closely with military members and athletes, although our various types of massage can provide relief and invigoration for anyone who is interested.

Benefits of massage therapy

We often use massage as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to enhance the benefits of our other Arlington chiropractic techniques, and it provides numerous benefits on its own. Because we tailor each treatment plan to specifically fit individual needs, we are experienced in several types of massage that help achieve the overall goal. Choices include therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and trigger point therapy. We also offer massages that focus on lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Our massages are effective for an overall sense of relaxation and well-being. They use gentle, elongated strokes combined with deeper circular and kneading movements. Tapping and vibration are often part of the therapy, serving to both relax and energize you.

Our deep tissue massage reaches deeper layers of muscle to break up adhesion and scar tissue. It has also been effective to reduce muscle fatigue and atrophy while stimulating lymph drainage. This technique can be especially beneficial as part of a healing program following an injury, while our sports massage can help prevent an injury in the first place. Sports massage focuses on increasing the mobility, flexibility and circulation vital for sports performance. It also works to reduce muscle spasms and break up lactic acid.

Additional massage therapy treatments available at our Arlington clinic include trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and post-surgery rehabilitation. Our trigger point therapy can be an effective form of pain relief, especially for deferred pain that results in headaches, low back pain, IT band syndrome and tennis elbow. Lymphatic drainage helps clear out any buildup of fluid in your lymph nodes, resulting in improved body system efficiency. Reflexology focuses on specific points on your body, usually your feet, that correspond to internal organs and other components to stimulate those systems and enhance well-being. Post-surgery rehabilitation may include massage meant to improve circulation and flexibility as it promotes healing.

Whether you could benefit from deep tissue massage, or therapeutic massage, our Pentagon City chiropractor Dr. Jacobs can provide it. Call us to schedule your massage appointment today.

Therapeutic Massages:

$60.00 1/2 hr
$90.00 1 hr

Trigger Point Therapy:

Five 30 min sessions one a week

Sports Massage:

$90.00 1 hr

Deep Tissue Massage:

$90.00 1 hr

Other massages offered:

Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Packages offered for all above Massages


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