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Non-golfers do not realize just how hard golf can be on the body in Arlington VA. The average golfer will log anywhere from 50 to 100 swift, intense swings at 80-100 miles per hour just while playing 18 holes. During these swings, the entire back is involved, as well as the whole upper body (arms, shoulders, hands, wrists, elbows). Incorrect overall posture and body mechanics, poor swing form, and muscle inflexibility are the three main causes of golf injury. Fortunately for golfers in our area, Dr. Jacobs is now officially certified through the Blanchard Academy of Golf as an Arlington VA golf chiropractor.

Dr. Jacobs has extensive experience in sports medicine and has successfully treated just about every sports injury out there. As a certified golf chiropractor, she is particularly attuned to the special and often misunderstood needs of patients suffering from golf injuries. She has a multifaceted approach to treating golf injuries that includes not only chiropractic care to attend to posture problems and pain management, but massage therapy, acupuncture, and exercise training as well.

Golfer Problems in Arlington VA

Golfers commonly struggle with back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, and wrist pain. As a golf chiropractor, Dr. Jacobs can fully examine each golf injury and map out a treatment plan that accelerates natural, non-invasive healing for the golfer, while also getting them back out on the course more quickly. She will first assess the golfer’s posture and spinal alignment. Spinal misalignments and posture problems are the number one cause of pain for the majority of golfers because these misalignments inhibit a proper golf swing and can easily lead to injuries. Dr. Jacobs can provide gentle, targeted spinal adjustments to bring the spine into optimal alignment, which not only relieves pain but improves the golfer’s posture and swing form.

Because the spine is not only a system of bones but of connective and supporting tissues such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, sports injury patients usually heal faster with the aid of treatments such as massage therapy and acupuncture as well. Furthermore, Dr. Jacobs spends time working with golf injury patients on their swing form and gives them specific stretches and golf-specific exercises that can improve flexibility so that strains from swift golf swings are less likely in the future. Because the twisting and turning of the back and upper body required for a powerful swing is unique among other sports, Dr. Jacobs will help you work on the proper form for these stretches and exercises so that you get the most therapeutic and performance benefits out of them.

Dr. Jacobs is passionate about sports medicine and particularly about golf. She understands the unique needs and injuries that golfers often face and how to help golfers recover faster from injuries (and even avoid them) so they can enjoy more time out on the course and less time in pain. Call Jacobs Chiropractic in Arlington VA today for an appointment!


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