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South Arlington Chiropractic Center Focuses on Wellness


Welcome to Jacobs Chiropractic! As a South Arlington chiropractic center, we are focused on helping our patients achieve whole body wellness. Through a series of non-invasive treatments, we are often able to help our patients meet most pain management and health goals they have. In addition, many of our patients often report feeling better than they have in years after only a few sessions with our clinic.

Healing Through Spinal Adjustments, Therapeutic Massage, and Sports Medicine

Jacobs Chiropractic offers more than just traditional adjustments. We provide South Arlington patients with the tools they need to find pain relief, increase wellness, and enjoy their lives. Army chiropractor offers therapeutic massage in Arlington officeThrough traditional adjustment with Army Chiropractor, Dr. Wendy Jacobs, many patients see an improvement in their health within only a few visits. In addition, therapeutic massage may also be combined for added benefit and increased range of movement. Patients who have suffered a personal injury or whiplash due to an auto accident have benefited from the various natural treatments offered at our clinic. We also have a Doctor of Acupuncture on staff who incorporates her own methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into each patient's treatment plan.

For those in the military, we also offer sports medicine therapy. As an Army Chiropractor, Dr. Jacobs understands that the needs of a patient who is a member of our armed forces is a bit different than other types of patients. From physical fitness regiments to pain or whiplash during training, the need or catalyst for chiropractic care is often a bit different. While the exact course of treatment for military members ranges from patient to patient, adjustments and therapeutic massages are usually key components.

We also know how important military families are to the support of our troops. Jacobs Chiropractic offers pregnancy massage and other treatments to help minimize stress and increase overall wellness. Having a loved one in service can be difficult at times and it is our goal to help keep those at home as relaxed and in health as possible during all times.

Army chiropractor provides chiropractic care for militaryOf course, our care is not limited to adjustment and massage. We also offer nutritional advice, lifestyle advice, exercise plans, and more.

South Arlington patients interested in therapeutic massage, spinal adjustments, or other treatments may contact our "Army Chiropractor" by calling 703- 892-0430.

Dr. Jacobs
Jacobs Chiropractic 
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